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High on Fire

September 24, 2012

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High on Fire (Oakland, California)                          Gritty blues driven stoner sludge.  It’s like your stuck in the middle of a burning field of weed.  It smell’s nice, but it’s really dangerous, and you’re not sure if you’ll get out alive.  Does that not sound inviting? […]

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Your 20 Favorite Metal Albums of 2012 thus far…

August 18, 2012


Here are 20 albums that I’ve gathered through messages and talking with people on their favorite albums of 2012 so far.  In absolutely no particular order, I give you these 20 choices.  I’ll include a song from each album so check ’em out and enjoy the heaviness! 1. High on Fire – De Vermis Mysteriis […]

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What is the best Metal album you’ve heard in 2012 thus far?

August 11, 2012


The year is a little more than half over and I was wondering, what album can’t you remove from your stereo?  So if you’re reading this post, and you love metal, send me what you think is the best metal album you’ve heard since the beginning of the year!   And next saturday, I will compile […]

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Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest 2012

March 30, 2012


Well, this looks like it’ll be a good time.  The main stage, especially since Motorhead is now on the bill, looks very inviting.  Looking forward to seeing some High On Fire as well.  Slipknot and Slayer though, are the two bands I’ve seen more than any other band at 10 times for Slipknot; 11 times […]

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